Thrive in the midst of life’s challenges.
Follow your unique path.
Strong. Spiritual. In love.

„To live a life without spirituality
is like drinking coffee out of an empty cup.
The essential is missing.“

Monika Laschkolnig

Forgive yourself.


Enjoy inner peace. Become free to succeed in your private and business life.

Let your Spirit take the lead
and follow the path of your Soul

Fearless. Authentic. Creative. Free.

Imagine that your yearning for love, happiness and success is satisfied. You lead an empowered life.

You unfold  your inner gifts and integrate them into everyday life. You are authentic and real.

You listen to and trust your Inner Voice. You make clear choices easily.

Even though a busy parent, you take time off to grow and expand, without a sense of guilt. You practise self-care.

You discover and follow your unique spiritual path; neither intimidated, nor influenced by others. You are free.

You combine intuition with spirituality in your business. You are creative and courageous.

You let your inner wisdom unfold, practise self-forgiveness and allow self-love. You live from your true inner strength.

Yes, it’s possible! Let me support and guide you on your way there. I’m happy to accompany you on our journey!

All the best,

Master the Triangle of your Inner Strength!

Love and Wisdom without Power =
necessary activities and practical results are missing – ineffective

Power and Wisdom without Love =
a tendency to manipulate and control others – incompassionate

Love and Power without Wisdom =
blind compassion – unskillful 

Are you balanced in these 3 aspects?

Once you have made all three – love, wisdom and power – equally strong,
you become an empowered happy person
and you can finally step into your greatness!

Modern Spirituality means love anchored in wisdom, expressing itself powerfully in all areas of your life.


Spirituality is beyond any religion, culture or a philosophical system, even though they often convey spiritual values.

It is a sense of connection with something greater than us. It also points to the innate gifts and abilities each of us has. It makes life meaningful and beautiful.

So connect to the power of your wise and compassionate Spirit. Let the Divine, your Essence, your Source, express itself in the world. Make your life joyful, vibrant and meaningful. Discover why you are here and enter the path of your Soul. Become a living bridge between Heaven and Earth and then take it one step further: unite Heaven and Earth in you.


Imagine you can…

  • live an inspired, yet grounded life
  • blend your intuitive knowing with your practical knowledge
  • access your inner wisdom, while navigating skilfully this world of reason
  • discover what you are truly worthy of and allow success and happiness in all areas of your life
  • work heart-based, yet keep your personal boundaries intact
  • become more self-aware and less self-critical
  • find your unique path and use your gifts more, spending less time fulfilling others’ expectations of you
  • activate your creativity and let it influence your everyday life
  • become able to forgive yourself, love and accept yourself more, while becoming an effective support for others
  • stand there strong, clear and joyful, happy to be you

I am Monika and I will be happy to show you how you can live with your “feet on Earth and heart in Heaven” because I know that there is at least this one area of your life that needs to be transformed, so that you can feel happy and complete.


  • You might feel this unsatisfied yearning for love, happiness and fulfilment. You know that there is so much in you, but you do not have courage to acknowledge and show your greatness?
  • You hear your inner voice now and then but you are not sure if this is really your intuition or your ego speaking. You want to learn the language of intuition but you don’t know how to discern it?
  • You wish you could integrate intuition and spirituality in your business life but you doubt that you can succeed building it upon values dear to your heart. You want to run an ethical business but your doubts and insecurities keep you back from growth?
  • Although you seem successful, you feel empty and burnt out. You are stuck in the daily routine and ask yourself, “Is there another way, a better way, to live?”
  • You are a busy mother who never takes time off and you wonder how you could take a conscious control over your energy flow?
  • You feel insecure in the jungle of the meditation offers because not all of them feel right – but you are missing the expertise to evaluate them and would like some qualified help to choose the right one?
  • You wish to make peace with the past and gain inner peace through self-forgiveness. But the old resentment does not weaken its grip and you are still suffering, unable to let go?
  • You want to follow your unique path, but you don’t want to be alone?

Monika Ewa Laschkolnig


As an expert on inner transformation trained in the West and in the Far East, an intuitive guide, spiritual teacher, bestselling author, business mentor, an enterpreneur for almost 25 years and practising meditation actively since my 13th birthday, I can support you to:

  • find the right tools for your inner transformation – because your ath is as unique as you are!
  • experience self-forgiveness and self-love – because you can help others only if you are whole and complete
  • develop intuition – because no one can guide you better than your inner wisdom
  • master the Triangle of your true Inner Strength – because only the balance between love, wisdom and power enables you to take positive actions that are effective and leave a legacy
  • choose the meditation practice that is right for you – because you are ready to grow
  • integrate Spirituality and Intuition into your business successfully – because you deserve to enjoy a fulfiled business life and the world needs enlightened enterpreneurs leading from the Soul

Apply ancient wisdom, profound insights and effective tools to thrive in the midst of your life’s challenges. You are worthy of happiness, so choose to allow heaven into your heart and let your feet be well-grounded in life!

Your path is personal and unique.

Don’t get impressed or influenced by others.

Become your authentic self, follow the plan of your Soul!

Monika Laschkolnig

Would you like some inspiration, practical tools and effective know-how? Feel most welcome to benefit from the bounty of experience, based on my own spiritual practice, countless studies and years of work with people. I am passing on only what I learnt and experieced myself, what I tried out personally and which worked for me and my clients.

I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you and supporting you on your unique path. Where would you like to begin?

“Warmhearted and friendly, going into depth in a professional way, and with a really fascinatingly intuitive ability to tune into her client within seconds – that’s how I experienced Monika Laschkolnig.

As a journalist and certified Business Coach with many years of experience in the field of human potential development, I thought, I already “know it all” – this encounter, however, made me aware that I had been mistaken. Monika’s special approach is inspirational, very personal and astonishingly effective. Hence, I can recommend Monika Laschkolnig with all my heart.”

Walter Grothkopp, TV-Journalist, Author, Berlin, Germany

Lande erfolgreich mitten im privaten und berufliche Leben!
Glücklich, stark, erfüllt.

Erhalte praktische Tipps, nützliche Tools und Inspiration
fürs tägliche Leben mit Füßen auf der Erde und Herzen im Himmel.

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