Master your life and become the best version of yourself!
Inspiration, knowledge, experience, intuitive guidance and tools.


Live with
Feet on Earth, Heart in heaven

  • imagine you live an inspired, yet grounded life
  • you blend your intuitive knowing with your practical knowledge
  • you access your inner wisdom, while navigating skilfully this world of reason
  • you work heart-based, yet keep your personal boundaries intact
  • you live guided by your spirit and let your innermost values shape your business and private life, standing there clear, strong and joyful
  • you become more self-aware and less self-critical
  • you find your unique path and use your gifts more, spending less time fulfilling others’ expectations of you
  • you discover what you are truly worthy of and allow success and happiness in all areas of your life
  • you activate your creativity and let it influence your everyday life
  • you become able to forgive yourself, love and accept yourself more, while becoming an effective support for others

Wouldn’t you like such life?


The real learning, exploration and growth take place WITHIN you.

Inner Strength Academy is a place of inner transformation. It offers a process of (re)discovering and reconnecting with the space of inner wisdom and inner strength already existing within you. It’s not yet another authority that tells you how things are – it’s a path for you to become an authority for yourself: self-empowered, wise and compassionate.

I am here to offer you inspiration, knowledge, experience, intuitive guidance, resources and tools to master your life and become the best version of yourself!

Inner Strength Academy covers the following five areas of life – which one would you like to explore first:



“When you don’t know where to go, stop and go within. That’s where your greatest power lies – in your spirit.”

Is Inner Strength Academy suitable for you?

Would you like to forgive yourself, love yourself and accept yourself more than ever before?
You can accomplish all that and become able to establish and keep healthy boundaries, without a sense of guilt.

Do you wish to discover what you are worthy of?
You can only accept a level of happiness in your life to the extent you feel worthy of it. There is an effective way to let go of feeling unworthy of love, success, abundance, etc. and expand your sense of self-worth to become more successful in these areas.

Are you interested in learning the language of intuition?
Based on your inner wisdom, you can intuitively make choices right for you. You can learn to discern between the voice of your ego and your intuition.

Are you a self-employed business(wo)man?
You will appreciate to know how to become self-empowered from an authentic place of strength within you, beyond the will-power and external motivation factors to prevent yourself from frustration and a burn-out. You will be invited to reassess your values and find out what’s true for you.

Do you wish become a better parent or comfort your own inner child?
Is saying “No” a problem? Or maybe you have a sense of guilt for not spending enough time with your children? Are you having troubles with loving them unconditionally due to their behaviour? Is your inner critic constantly taking a score of your being an imperfect parent, as you stumble along? Inner Strength Academy will offer you support, understanding, inspiration, empowerment and effective tools to move forward towards more harmony, love and joy in your family.

Do you want to find out your true life purpose is and what are your unique gifts?
Modern Spirituality – practical, effective and grounded in everyday life – might offer you individual guidance. Based on ancient wisdom, though not connected to any religious system, it can help you find your unique path towards spiritual awakening, your true life purpose and your unique gifts. It will help you to fill up a sense of void and deep yearning for meaning in life.

Do you work with people as a coach, a mentor or healer?
Working with people requires constant self-development on your side. You need to do inner work and work on your shadows, in order to help others grow. Inner Strength Academy is a place where you will find qualitative support for yourself.

Are you ready for a personal or professional transformation?

“Feet on Earth, Heart in Heaven” is how I strive to live; creative and connected to my spirit but practical and grounded. Spiritual Intelligence will complete your array of intelligences you have developed up to now.

Depending on where you stand in life and what your needs are, you can explore just one or more of the above areas to develop new skills, gain empowering insights and reach inner peace, a deep sense of joy, and inner freedom.

Becoming the best version of yourself, you create a better world. Your inner work is an expression of self-care and it will benefit others equally.

“Warmhearted and friendly, going into depth in a professional way, and with a really fascinatingly intuitive ability to tune into her client within seconds – that’s how I experienced Monika Laschkolnig. As a journalist and certified Business Coach with many years of experience in the field of human potential development, I thought, I already “know it all” – this encounter, however, made me aware that I had been mistaken. Monika’s special approach is inspirational, very personal and astonishingly effective. Hence, I can recommend Monika Laschkolnig with all my heart.”

Walter Grothkopp, TV-Journalist, Author, Berlin, Germany

Are you…


  • successful, yet feeling empty?
  • knowing there is more but feeling unworthy of it?
  • seeking happiness and joy but feeling undeserving?
  • interested in intuition but not clear how to access it?
  • aware there is an inner guidance but unsure how to tap into it?
  • wanting to be a better parent but getting into your own way?
  • yearning for self-love and self-forgiveness but unsure where to start?
  • wishing to be authentic but too insecure?
  • trying to figure out how to add intuition to your business expertise?
  • looking for purpose and a deeper life meaning but feeling lost?

Answers to all your questions lay within you

Inner Strength Academy will help you reconnect with your inner wisdom to start living in your authentic strength while getting to know better the most important person in your life – yourself.

Choosing the Inner Strength Academy mentoring programs, you embark on an exciting, rewarding and, at times, challenging journey that will make you get to know yourself better.