“Warmhearted and friendly, going into depth in a professional way, and with a really fascinatingly intuitive ability to tune into her client within seconds – that’s how I experienced Monika Laschkolnig. As a journalist and certified Business Coach with many years of experience in the field of human potential development, I thought, I already “know it all” – this encounter, however, made me aware that I had been mistaken. Monika’s special approach is inspirational, very personal and astonishingly effective. Hence, I can recommend Monika Laschkolnig with all my heart.”

Walter Grothkopp, TV-Journalist, Author, Berlin, Germany

“I have had an amazing coaching session with Monika Laschkolnig – it was a definitive WOW-experience. She proves herself to be a spiritual, authentic and true person with a rare insight, and with an integrity I highly appreciate. Due to her questions and guidance I promptly took a few important decisions about my upcoming book; decisions that is against the publisher’s advice, but in alignment with my increasingly louder inner voice. She also gave me good spiritual advices that easily can be applied on a daily basis. Thank you, Monika!”

Bitta R. Wiese, TFT therapist and instructor, TPM coach and public speaker, author of “The Book On Quantum Leap For Leaders”, Norway

“Thanks to the session my life has changed in a wonderful way. I feel stronger and I can live out my potential in a more complete way because I am listening to my inner voice now. Many great things have happened ever since.”

Birgit Pulzer, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

“Yesterday I had the most amazing and life changing session with the astounding Monika Laschkolnig. She started working with me on ‘How to distinguish who is talking – your ego or your divine guidance’, and wow was it a breathtaking journey, which then went even deeper and deeper! Astonishing. As a guide, Monika is pure and simple brilliance, then to blow me away even more – everything she said would happen the next day, did! Message her, she is kindness personified!”

Nicholas Haines, Founder and Director of the “Five Institute”, UK

“If you are feeling stressed or stuck in any way or simply out of balance then Monika is the best person to talk to. She guides you to find your path back to yourself, to whom you truly are. She even guides you beyond your body, beyond this world, back to your true inner self. From this place of peace, calmness and pure joy you will easily unwind and simply love life again. Thank you Monika, you are a precious gift to this world!”

Monique Blokzyl, Founder und CEO Business Launch Portal, Germany