Modern Spirituality

Live with “Feet on Earth and Heart in Heaven”

Living with “feet on Earth and heart in Heaven” combines aspects of life that have been believed to exclude each other: the pragmatic and the mystical, the practical and the experiential, traditional ways and the individual path, reason and intuition, doing and being, outer activities and inner work, power and wisdom, efficiency and joyful lightness, masculine and feminine – without falling into any extreme. That’s the Modern Spirituality of the new millennium.

“There is too much theoretical spirituality; what the world needs is people well-grounded in life, who have courage to live the values of their Spirit, with “Feet on Earth and Heart in Heaven”.  Developing your Spiritual Intelligence is a down-to-earth business; it sets you free from your limitations and makes your life complete, exciting and fulfilling.”

Humans are spiritual by nature

It’s called inherent spirituality. Since the dawn of humanity, people have always been respecting and worshiping something greater than themselves. Most have, however, misunderstood it, looking for it outside of ourselves. Some religious authorities taught us to distrust our inner connection to the Divine / Father-Mother-God / Spirit / Buddha Nature / Source / Essence, and look for an intermediary instead, who would hold a judgment over our spiritual experiences. It’s time to own our spirituality again – we access the Divine through our inner connection to the truth, love and light; we are able to have a direct experience of our Spirit / Buddha Nature / Source / Essence / Higher Self and access Inner Wisdom on our own! We might need some guidance and tools at the beginning but it is our own sacred journey.

Spiritual Intelligence is a balance between wisdom, loving kindness and inner power

It is individual, hence impossible to compare or standardize, as each of us is on our own unique journey. You can, however, clearly notice a higher level of joy and openness, inner freedom, gratitude, compassion, inner strength and focus on “us” rather than “me” in individuals who follow a spiritual path.

Bring your Spirit into your everyday life

To lead a truly spiritual existence, we need to bring our Spirit into our everyday life and align our choices and actions with our heart-centred values, wisdom and inner guidance. If you are not sure how to do it, Modern Spirituality programs and retreats offer you practical tools to make your life a vibrant, joyful, fulfilling and powerful experience.

Take care of the connection to your Spirit

 To live holistically, we need to balance the body-mind-spirit connection – and it’s usually the spirit that gets neglected most.

Once we have discovered our individual path and gained courage to follow it, clarity sets in and we move through life with a sense of purpose, meaning and contribution. The way we nourish our body and nurture our mind, we need to take care of the connection to the highest, wisest, most loving part of ourselves – our spirit.

Time to rendezvous your soul

The most important, however, is to allow ourselves time for the essential – time to rendezvous our soul! Today’s busy world doesn’t offer much peace. We live in times good for the body though over-stimulating our mind, so we need to focus on nurturing it with more wisdom.

When we access the inner space beyond the stress and fear, it becomes easier to deal with life challenges, as the perception of our life changes. Quality of life rises dramatically, allowing space for new opportunities, wonderful relationships, meaningful activities, self-love, self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and much more.


I have people approach me with issues and questions regarding spiritual life, such as:

  • “I have spiritual experiences but my family and friends don’t talk about such stuff.”
  • “I have a dilemma how to be a good partner and keep my spiritual practice because my friend does not understand what I do.”
  • “I feel warmth and energy flowing through me when I pray or call the angels – is that common?”
  • “I’ve been practicing for years but I feel stuck – how could I deepen my spiritual practice?”
  • “I see my grandmother’s face whenever I pray for answer. Is she my spirit guide?”
  • “What’s the best way to receive the intuitive guidance?”
  • “There are so many types of meditation; what would be the best for me?”
  • “It’s hard to forgive myself. Where do I start?”
  • “Isn’t it selfish to love myself?”
  • “People call me successful but I feel so empty. There must be a different way of living…”


Discover your own truth

I am happy to be of support on your path. Would you, too, like to discover your own truth regarding spirituality, which is such a vital, yet a very personal part of life? Do you find that most systems don’t offer much expertise on individual spiritual experience and the theoretical rhetoric doesn’t satisfy you? Are you a seeker who reached a point when you need to go deeper?

I was fortunate to grow up with four main world religions at home (Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism), which taught me respect towards various methods leading to inner growth. I feel grateful to have grown cross-pollinated with the essence of various spiritual thoughts. I realized, however, that inner transformation is not dependent on a tradition but on the level of spiritual intelligence of the individual applying it actively.

Let’s meet beyond rituals, terminology and cultural differences

27 years of practising Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism made me learn the universal energy patterns, activate inborn psychic skills as a by-product of the intensive meditation and extract the essence of spirituality beyond a particular religious system. It empowered me to leave organized religion by the age of 40.

As the result, I become focused on the universal truth and what connects us all beyond rituals, terminology and cultural differences. Whatever your background is, I respect your views, and can help you to advance within your own belief system, addressing the universal truth and guiding you to reconnect with the Divine in you, offering you tools and techniques based on ancient wisdom, skilfully adapted to the needs of the today’s busy world.