Management by Intuition

Intuition helps you manage your private and business life

Intuition helps you manage your private and business life in a far more successful way than rational thinking ever could. It’s useful to get informed about the facts but it’s your intuition that guides you towards your goal in the most effective way. It makes you alert, if you choose goals not aligned with your values and take actions in the direction that would not serve you in a long run. It’s up to you to listen and understand the language of intuition. If you do, it informs you, what course of action would bring you more success and happiness. You just need to be willing to be guided by the voice of your inner wisdom. Are you?

Your intuition is the language of inspiration and your inner wisdom

The most successful people have recognized that it’s not just setting an intention that makes you successful but rather following an inspiration coming from within. Your intuition is the language of inspiration, translating your inner wisdom and guidance into messages and information. It helps you navigate through life without having to figure it out, overthink issues, overanalyze or be dependent on another’s input. Logic, aka rational mind, does not see beyond facts and statistics and is often influenced by critique and fear. The will power is not your true strength; when you try to force things to happen by setting intentions and going for them with the will power no matter what the consequences are, life becomes an exhausting struggle, often leading to frustration, sickness and a burn-out after a while. When you tap into your inner resources, however, life starts unfolding with ease.


The purpose of the outer guidance is to lead you to your inner guidance. Not to replace it.

Your intuition helps you make informed choices, warns you and guides you

Your intuition helps you make informed choices, warns you and directs your attention to some aspects that your mind has skipped or not yet processed. Reconnecting to and being carried by intuition, the voice of your true inner strength, will make your path of life fulfilling, happier and more effortless. You will free a lot of energy, find out how to be self-empowered and regain your sense of self-worth and self-love that you were born with.

Your inner knowing will inform you about a better choice

It refers to individuals and organisations in the same way. You have freedom to focus on intended rational, fact-based goals and plans and pull them through, no matter how you and others feel about it and what the consequences are. You can, however, intuitively discern the alignment (or its lack) between what you think you should do, i.e. the desired outcome and whether it will really serve you and all involved. If not, your inner knowing will inform you what you might do instead. It might not seem rational choice at first but, at the end, it may save you a lot of time, money and disappointment. You probably can think of a number of situations where you felt, “I knew it! I should have…” But you haven’t.

Everyone is intuitive

We all have been born with intuitive abilities. It is obvious what an intuitive bond babies have with their mothers. However, as we grow older, intuition gets overpowered and replaced by reason, logic and opinions expressed by external authorities (parents, teachers, media, etc). Some people are fortunate to grow up in an environment that helps them cultivate their intuition, while majority dislearn it with time.

Reconnect with and learn the language of intuition – it gives you an ability to:

  • open up to the inner guidance and make your inner wisdom an accurate source of information, helping you make best decisions
  • gain mental and emotional flexibility to react swiftly to your intuitive impulses
  • begin to trust your choices and feelings without a need of a confirmation from the outside world
  • empower yourself, without the need of others’ approval for your decisions
  • become proficient in discerning different vibrations around you, without getting pulled into them, which is very important for empaths
  • realize what serves you best and create healthy boundaries without a feeling of guilt
  • discover what your true gifts are
  • intuitively tune into your joy and creativity
  • find out what serves you best and by tending to your own well-being, serve the world in the most beneficial way
  • make your inner wisdom your guidance in all areas of your life

How would your life change in a positive way, if you mastered the above?

If you feel it is the right time to get fluent with reading your intuition’s messages, feel welcome to reach out and ask for some mentoring. Working with an experienced expert might be easier than on your own. We will focus on the areas where you seek intuitive guidance, be it a vital private life decision you need to make, business issues, seeing through your company’s needs, or an understanding of some situation that you need more clarity about, etc.

It’s very informative, empowering, bringing relief and a sense of competence at the same time because you learn how to access your inner wisdom through the language of intuition. It’s an empowering process that gives you clarity and a sense of relief and joy. Imagine running your life and your business, attuned to your intuition and inner wisdom. A powerful and enlightening perspective, isn’t it?