About Monika

Monika Laschkolnig is quite an exceptional blend, an expert of inner transformation who has a vast knowledge AND walks her talk. She is an author, an intuitive guide and a spiritual mentor, strives to live with “feet on Earth and heart in Heaven,” combining practical entrepreneurial skills for running a successful educational enterprise with leading an awakened life, being a fulfilled woman and a conscious parent.

What makes Monika the real deal and how you benefit from working with her:

  • Monika is grounded and active in life, successful in business (“feet on Earth”) but aware of her soul’s plan and connected with her spirit (“heart in Heaven”). She will lead you there, if you want to achieve a similar balance in your life.
  • She has entrepreneurial experience of 20+ years and deep spiritual practice since she was 13 – she can help you advance in either, enhancing your business life with values or deepening your spiritual practice, combining both into a fulfilled and meaningful life.
  • She holds university degrees from the Western and Eastern Institutes: studied pedagogic and languages in the West and philosophy and theory of perception in the Far East. Working with Monika, you benefit from the firm foundation of her in-depth studies and her personal experience. She can access ancient wisdom and make it a practical tool for the success of your private and business life.
  • Monika is a mother of two, was married for 21 years but divorced at her brave wish, when she saw that both partners have grown apart and it would be beneficial for each of them to pursue their individual paths. She can understand your challenges of parenting and issues you encounter in relationships. She will help you become self-empowered, define your needs, create healthy boundaries without a sense of guilt, and become more self-loving and self-forgiving.
  • Monika has been trained in UK and USA in leading a successful business by, among others, Jack Canfield and graduated from a 2-year program at the Psychic University under the mentorship of Sonia Choquette. She distinguishes between the needs and goals of corporate clients, educational organisations and private individuals, addressing issues and aspects essential for each target group. She incorporates universal humanistic values and a holistic approach, which induces a transformational shift in each case.
  • Monika is a modern mystic without a monastery, standing in the midst of life’s business, making a difference in people’s lives through her educational business on one hand and, on the other, her focus on Self-Love & Self-Forgiveness, Self-Worth, Conscious Parenting, Intuition and Modern Spirituality through seminars, programs, books and philanthropic activities, while continuously doing her own inner work. She will help you achieve mastery in the above areas of life, as well as attain more inner peace, joy, love and happiness. You learn how to consciously choose the right job, create legacy and align your actions with your heart’s desires.
  • Monika serves as a teacher and mentor for others but never stops learning herself. You deal with a professional who never ceases to advance and grow.
  • She keeps studying mystic writings of all religions, ACIM and other philosophical treatises and, at the same time, loves dancing, goes to the movies and travels the world, aware that modern spirituality includes all aspects of life, embracing our wholeness, without denying any aspect of our human existence. Working with Monika, you will have an opportunity to address any aspect of life and shift into being more courageous to live your truth, in joy and fullness.
  • A natural intuitive, Monika has grown in a household with openness of mind not typical for the 70’s: meditation, intuition, natural healing modalities, herbs, macrobiotic food, massage, energy healing, astrology, rebirthing, dowsing, pendulum work, discussions on literature and different world philosophies, etc. It wasn’t a typical surrounding in which a child would grow up back then; that made her an “odd-one-out” among her peers, however it gave her understanding for individuals outside of the mainstream, which proved valuable later in her life. Wherever you come from, whatever your past is, nothing will be off for Monika, as she can understand the winding paths of life, roads rarely travelled, and unusual synchronicities – all that makes one a unique individual. She can see beyond the obvious and guide you intuitively on your path as long as you need some assistance.
  • Monika understands conscious birth and doesn’t fear death, seeing through and beyond. If interested, you will have a chance to shed your fears around the death process. She also received a Buddhist transmission for the conscious dying practice, which she learnt in numerous retreats and extracted its essence to benefit anyone beyond a religious tradition.
  • Monika was fortunate to grow up with four main world religions at home (Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism), which instilled in her respect towards different methods leading equally to inner growth. She recognized that realization is not dependent on a tradition but on the individual practising it actively. By her own choice at the age of 13, she has practiced Buddhism for 27 years. She left organized religion by the age of 40 to study mystical writings of the main religious and philosophical systems as well as the ACIM principles, and was trained on three continents in different systems of accessing Inner Wisdom. As the result, she become focused on the universal truth and what connects us all beyond rituals, terminology and cultural differences. Whatever your background is, Monika respects your views, helping you to advance within your own belief system, addressing the universal truth and the divine in you.

“Living with Feet on Earth and Heart in Heaven combines aspects of life that have been believed to exclude each other: the pragmatic and the mystical, the practical and the experience, traditional ways and the individual path, reason and intuition, doing and being, outer activities and inner work, power and wisdom, efficiency and joyful lightness, masculine and feminine – without falling into any extreme. That’s what I call Modern Spirituality of the new millennium.”

Monika’s profound and life changing seminars and programs are conducted with humour and joy, offer you hands-on experiences, and make it possible for you to integrate new insights into your life through an array of practical tools that you receive. Her personal mentoring connects you with your personal space of wisdom, love and self-empowerment, which induces profound transformation and lasting changes in your life. Working with Monika is a unique experience bringing you back to your Spirit, your Divinity, your Soul, your Essence, your Higher Self.

Based in Austria, Europe, Monika, an expert of inner transformation, works internationally using English and German languages, facilitating groups and private clients, in person, by phone or online.