Self-Love & Self-Forgiveness

Don’t you wish to accept yourself the way you are – and truly love yourself?

If you are, as most people, your own worst critic, you hold so much self-judgement that it makes you feel unworthy of unconditional love or self-acceptance. Therefore, the shortest way to self-love leads through self-forgiveness.

Self-forgiveness starts when you take a look at the past events from a different angle

Many people tend to blame themselves for the past choices and (re)actions. If you do too, please know that there is no need for that because you evolve with time and your past choices were the best you could think of back then. You can now forgive yourself for not having known better in all those past situations. Had you known better, you would have chosen differently, used different words and acted in a different way. Forgiving yourself frees a lot of energy and allows you to accept and love yourself more.

Once you have chosen to allow self-forgiveness into your life, all things will start falling into place and you’ll witness yourself to first make a step that will lead you to more self-love and self-acceptance. If you try to love yourself but hold grudges against yourself, you will not be able to embrace yourself completely.


I forgive myself
for having made all the mistakes.
Had I known better,
I would have chosen differently.
So I forgive myself. 

Rendezvous your own soul to discover your own inner beauty, power and wisdom!

When you feel you do not have enough love in your life, you start looking to the external world to find someone to give it to you. Unfortunately, the world is not able to give you the unconditional love you are looking for because most people are looking themselves to rather receive than give love. While looking outside of yourself, you don’t notice the love residing within you, available to you all the time. Rendezvous your own soul to discover your own inner beauty, power and wisdom!

Dare to love yourself no matter who you are

Unconditionally. Self-love is the basis of your happiness, not the other way round. Don’t define yourself through your past, your stories or others’ opinions of you, which are merely their way of seeing you. Not even your achievements show your true value – you are so much more than your competence and skills.

You are worthy of love, of giving and receiving it

Your love is worthy of being accepted and cherished. Define yourself through your fullness, greatness and your gifts you were born with. You have been taught to put limits on yourself and respect others’ opinions – you got lost in the process, and forgot who you are. It’s time to remember your true worthiness, creative essence, your inner and outer beauty!

It’s time to finally be your best.

Self-love is not about your looks, as the popular culture tries to convince you

It’s about how you feel about yourself. When you feel unworthy, empty, left alone, incomplete, or with a strong sense of shame or guilt, an external new feature, designer fashion piece, a new hairdo, lifting or Botox will never make you feel more self-love. That’s where the promise of the world fails.

I am willing to allow more love and forgiveness into my life

Once you start living from the place of inner strength, based on self-love and self-forgiveness, you shift from the position where the world used to impose its rules onto you, causing you seek an external approval, permission and reassurance. You move into the space where the world serves your needs and provides you with everything you need to unfold further. It all starts with a simple heart-felt readiness “I am willing to allow more love and forgiveness into my life.” This is not a linear process – it’s a geometrical growth; you can compare it to an unfolding flower, showing more and more beauty. It never opens one petal at a time but a few of them simultaneously.

When you start changing, you will watch your relationships transform too

What does not serve you any more, will become free to fall away. Experiencing self-love, you will engage in the existing relationships from a new place of inner strength, making them enriching and empowering for all involved. Amazing synchronicities will bring you new encounters that you will be able to open up to in a new way.

Where would you like to start?

The transformation from feeling unworthy, ashamed, guilty and not good to true self-forgiveness, self-love and self-acceptance involves a change on the rational, emotional and vibrational, i.e. energy, level.

You are welcome to start using the free resources available on the website, attend a webinar, come to a seminar, participate in a retreat, or choose an option of personal mentoring to move faster and easier. I will be delighted to guide you on this most fulfilling journey to return home into your own embrace of self-love.

Would you like to be guided on your journey towards self-forgiveness and self-love?

Let me know and I’ll be happy to support you.