“1 Question That Can Change Your Life!”

Unleash The Power of Your Self-Worth to Secure Success, Happiness, Love and Fulfillment in Your Life – bestselling book and a guide to a positive transformation

What are you worthy of? That’s a very powerful question that can improve the quality of your life on all levels.
Do you know that you allow into your life only as much happiness, love, health, abundance and success into your life, as you feel worthy of? Look into all areas of your life – is there one where you feel unworthy, unsuccessful and not good enough?

Many people feel they deserve love, happiness, success etc., but they do not feel worthy of it, so they subconsciously self-sabotage themselves and block it out. Are you one of them? Do you feel worthy of happiness, respect, being loved and enjoying great friendships? Do you feel worthy of your dream job, earning well, living your passions and experiencing adventures? If your life is not as successful and happy, as you’d wish for, it’s time for a positive and happy transformation. Are you ready?

Transformation Lessons

38 Insights to Manifest Your Best Life

We, 38 authors who are members of the ATL Europe (Association of Transformational Leaders), share our personal stories, realizations and practical tools that helped us face challenges and become better happier humans who can now contribute to the society in a more effective way.
We have been there, we hit the rock bottom, we wrestled with our inner demons, we won. Walking the talk on 38 unique paths of life, we offer our experiences to you to help you move forward in your life with more ease. It worked for us – now you can pick which method could work for you best.

You can teach best how to transform, access inner power, step into great love, forgive yourself and others, move in kindness, be a healer, a visionary, a thought leader, etc. when you have witnessed or experienced suffering and found the way out of there.

An easy read – 38 short, easily digestible chapters with a variety of styles and content: something for everyone who is looking to change their life in some way.

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