Self-Worth & Success

You are worthy – that’s a fact. But WHAT ARE YOU WORTHY OF?

That’s a powerful question that can turn your life around. You are worthy of love, success, health, great family life, abundance and so much more! But do you really feel that? You don’t have to earn it, you are worthy by birth. No matter what happened in your life, even though you learnt to feel unworthy, self-judgmental and not good enough, your inborn worthiness is still intact and you can access it.

You will only allow into your life things and experiences that you feel worthy of

If you feel unworthy of happiness and success in any area of your life, you will self-sabotage yourself into staying in status quo, without moving forward, even though your innermost heart’s desire would love to see you elsewhere.


“Definition of a perfect human being? ‘Imperfect’. There is no perfect human. You are good enough, worthy and lovable the way you are!”

  • You are worthy of experiencing success the way you define it.
  • Your body is worthy of being treated like your best friend.
  • You are worthy of being happy and fulfilled.
  • You are worthy of living your gifts, leading a meaningful life and making a difference in the world.
  • You are worthy of experiencing love and self-love, self-forgiveness, inner peace and inner freedom.
  • You are meant to rendezvous your Soul and Spirit to live a heart-based life.

My experience of working with people over the years shows that everyone without an exception, no matter what age, gender or religion, feels worthy of love, respect, being themselves and experiencing happiness.

Self-worth and competence are two components of self-esteem. A healthy self-esteem is much more than just feeling good about yourself. Everyone is born knowing “I am worthy”. While growing up and increasing your sense of competence, you were not necessarily building up your sense of worth. You might have grown up in less favourable circumstances, which made you forget more and more what you were worthy of. Maybe your accomplishments were valued more than you as a person, which undermined your sense of self-worth and emphasised the superiority of competence, which threw your self-esteem out of balance. In either case, you have never lost your true worthiness! You are still good enough, loveable enough and valuable enough – you are enough!

Whether you are an optimist or a pessimist, an extrovert or an introvert, no matter what you have accomplished or how many failures you have experienced – you are as worthy as anyone else – in this respect, everyone is equally, although people may feel worthy or unworthy in different areas of life.

Would you like to explore what you are worthy of and shed the feeling of unworthiness for good?

If you like to work on your own, my book “1 Question That Can Change Your Life!”, the international bestselling book, is an ideal manual that will guide you step by step to the positive, self-empowering realization of what a wonderful, worthy being you are. You’ll reclaim your sense of self-worth and let go of suffering caused by feeling unworthy and not good enough. It is full of tools and activities that will help you transform your thought patterns and habitual reactions into a new way of being. You will open yourself to more love, abundance, safety, joy, success etc.

Would you prefer to start with a mentor?

Book a private session for an easy start with Monika as a mentor.

Let the powerful question “What are you worthy of?” improve the quality of your life on all levels. Say “Enough!” to the feeling of unworthiness and not being good enough. Start discovering true worthiness in all areas of your life, one by one! How do you personally define “success”? What would you need to feel worthy of to allow it into your life? It’s a fun process, it’s enlightening and self-empowering. It gives you true inner strength, and joy to explore new possibilities. Allow the very life you have always wished for! You are so worthy of it.