Are you at the point in your life where you would benefit from working with a personal mentor?

  • I will be honoured to share with you my intuitive skills, inner transformation expertise, as well as my personal and professional experience as a female entrepreneur, successful and well-grounded in life.
  • Whether you wish to look at your private life or some business issues, we will explore the area that needs transformation so that you gain clarity, understanding of your ego and the magnificent potential of your spirit, leading to more self-forgiveness, self-love and self-acceptance.
  • We will look at the areas of life you wish to gain insights into and remove what is blocking you from authentically expressing who you truly are. We will discover your soul’s calling and well your hidden gifts that you were born to share with the world. You will be offered practical support, intuitive guidance and effective tools to apply in everyday life. Everyone is different, so your results will be unique.
  • As an expert on inner transformation, I will teach you how to access your own source of inner wisdom – who should, after all, know better what’s right for you than your own inner wise Self? For that, however, you will need to learn how to distinguish between the voice of your ego and the voice of your intuition.
  • Our interactive sessions are structured, systematic and effective, yet intuitively guided with focus on your current situation or some particular issue.

“I have had an amazing coaching session with Monika Laschkolnig – it was a definitive WOW-experience. She proves herself to be a spiritual, authentic and true person with a rare insight, and with an integrity I highly appreciate. Due to her questions and guidance I promptly took a few important decisions about my upcoming book; decisions that is against the publisher’s advice, but in alignment with my increasingly louder inner voice. She also gave me good spiritual advices that easily can be applied on a daily basis. Thank you, Monika!”

Bitta R. Wiese, TFT therapist and instructor, TPM coach and public speaker, author of “The Book On Quantum Leap For Leaders”, Norway

Practical support, effective tools, intuitive guidance

As an experienced mentor, spiritual teacher and an author of the book “1 Question That Can Change Your Life!” on self-worth, self-forgiveness and self-love, I draw not only on my professional background but also on my own personal transformational journey.

Along with the inborn and trained intuitive skills, it helps me understand what you are undergoing.


Monika’s readings are very specific, life-based and empowering. You receive not only deep insights into your issue but also practical tools. She leads you, in most cases, through an interactive process, where you learn to discern between the voice of your ego and the voice of your spirit, your soul. This process allows answers, understanding and solutions to surface that are true to your inner wisdom and bring you personal freedom on many levels. As the result, you gain new insights and clarity and become able to make wise and well-informed choices.

Personal Mentoring

Depending on your individual situation, you might need just an impulse session that will bring you insights and means to deal with a certain issue in your life, or you can choose three 1-hr sessions to go deeper into an issue, reach more insights and stabilize the outcome, or you can choose a series of six 1-hr sessions over three months to ensure a lasting change. It is easier to commit to take time for your personal growth when working with a skilled mentor who not only is helping you become the best version of yourself but also is fun to work with on regular basis.

Business Mentoring

Are you an entrepreneur already running a company, a self-employed person expanding your business, or a person thinking about starting your own firm? Business is like a human body – it has a soul. The same way the body has to be fed, the soul needs to be nourished. Likewise, it is not enough to focus on the mere operational level of a company, its soul must be tended to as well. These two must be in alignment to secure your company’s bright future and expansion of your business.


Enter your path, master your life and become the best  you!
Courageous, self-empowered, wise, loving and loved. The real brilliant YOU.