For centuries joy and happiness have been looked upon as carefree attributes of childhood, which serious adults are not supposed to display.

Joy and happiness were not valued as much as the so called “virtues”. Hence happiness isn’t a value that was passed on to us culturally.

You are here to live.
You are here to love.
You are here to feel.
You are here to express yourself.
You are here to dream.
You are here to create.
You are here to be conscious and celebrate each breath of life.
You are here to make a difference in your own life.

How can you be whole and complete without joy and happiness?

There is longing for happiness in everyone but there is no value given to living it. As we live in a culture that values suffering and complains, many feel they need to hide their happiness or restrict it to certain circumstances only. Are you one of them?

Do you feel worthy of experiencing happiness,  here and now, or do you believe that you need to do specific things in order to deserve happiness?  Or are you trying to find yourself in circumstances officially acclaimed as fortunate, thus, entitling you to happiness?

Joy is not the same as Satisfaction

You can only be truly happy and joyful when it’s based on a pure heart – otherwise it is a muddled sense of satisfaction, coming from revenge or feeling righteous, proud or arrogant. It is absolutely not the same. Satisfaction and happiness are two completely different pairs of shoes.

It’s time to value what really counts

There are some special circumstances where social norms expect you to feel happy. For example at your own wedding, birth of your child etc., and it is out of place not to feel it, so some start faking it.

It’s time to drop these beliefs and norms, which “they” imposed on us. Who is “they”? A non-existent entity which we have assigned the power to dictate our attitudes.

Reclaim your power now – give yourself a permission to be happy. And live it every day.