Monika’s readings differ significantly from what others offer – her readings are very specific, life-based and empowering.

  • You receive not only deep insights into your issue but also practical tools.
  • She leads you, in most cases, through an interactive process, where you learn to discern between the voice of your ego and the voice of your spirit, your soul. This process allows answers, understanding and solutions to surface that are true to your inner wisdom and bring you personal freedom on many levels.
  • As the result, you gain new insights and clarity and become able to make wise and well-informed choices.
  • You become a better person, a more loving partner, a wiser parent or an entrepreneur with more clarity, leading with courage and heart.

Which area of your life you like to gain insights into now?

1. Business and career
2. Personal growth, life purpose, innate gifts
3. Parenting
4. Forgiveness and self-forgiveness, love and self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance
5. Intuition
6. Spirituality
7. Transformation, life crossroads, big changes, important decisions

Why should you choose to work with Monika?

Born a natural intuitive, Monika has a gift of intuition and a fine sense of seeing beyond the obvious, which she offers you to gain insights into your situation. She honed this skill already in her childhood, deepened it in the meditation practice which would do on a daily basis since she was 13 years old and refined it even further at the Psychic University under the guidance of Sonia Choquette, PhD. She can read the unseen information from the morphic field, i.e. connect to the source of your inner wisdom and gain information that helps you move forward in life, be it a private or professional issue. Her 20+ years experience as an entrepreneur make her an exceptional blend, working holistically and able to address both, the personal and the professional side of your life. She works with modern practical knowledge and ancient wisdom.

Monika is a catalyst who helps old issues surface, an alchemist who helps vibrationally release things that do not serve you any more, and a mystic who always sees your divine nature and your hidden gifts. Her 20+ years of business know-how make her an exceptional blend, working holistically and able to address the personal and the professional side of your life. She works with modern practical knowledge and ancient wisdom and her sessions are led with compassion, wisdom and humour.

Most of Monika’s clients work hard to find more meaning, fulfilment, happiness, love and balance in their life as a business person and an individual, a parent and a spiritual being at the same time. Most of them are self-employed, work as entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, healers and teachers who tend to give a lot and forget themselves in the process.

  • Would you like to become a self-dependent and self-empowered person, who is not easy to manipulate?
  • How would it feel, if you were able to keep your healthy boundaries without a sense of guilt?
  • Wouldn’t you like to increase self-love and develop more self-compassion?
  • Could you use some more of self-acceptance, lightness, joy and happiness?
  • Haven’t you wished to find out your life purpose and gain insights into what your innate gifts are?

1-hr Reading session € 120,00

A session with Monika will bring you insights and practical means to deal with a specific issue . It will also help you release old patterns in a specific area of your life. What would you like to become wiser about? What would you like to gain more clarity about? What would you like to know? What would you like to transform in your life?

Feel welcome to get in touch and get an answer you have been seeking for.

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Area(s) of interest:
Business and careerPersonal growth, life purpose, innate giftsForgiveness and self-forgiveness, love and self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptanceParentingIntuitionSpiritualityTransformation, life crossroads, big changes, important decisions

Being multilingual, I am happy to offer the online sessions in the following languages: English, German and Polish to clients all over the world. Sessions take place on the phone or online via Zoom/Skype. Sessions in person are possible in Linz, Austria, only.


Enter your path, master your life and become the best  you!
Courageous, self-empowered, wise, loving and loved. The real brilliant YOU.

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